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Lichfield Planters (a brief history of)

The Lichfield Planters Story begins way back in the distant days of the mid – 2000’s.  It all started when my father, who works in Germany, saw some wooden planters being transported on the back of a lorry.  ‘Aha!’ he thought, ‘we could do that’.  So we did. Armed with a small blue table saw we got to work.  We came up with a few planter and bird feeder ideas and learn’t how to make them.  But how to sell them?

Picture 475

Our milkman, knowing everything as milkmen tend to do, suggested we tried Penkridge Market.  ‘I know a bloke, he sells sheds there.  He can’t keep up with demand’.  Well, I don’t ever remember seeing a shed seller there but I do know that Penkridge Market didn’t really want what we were selling.

From there we started on the Garden Show circuit.  We went all over the West Midlands in our little van packed with all our planter gubbins, pretending to be salesmen.  Apparently we were not that good at pretending to be salesmen because, although we got many kind words and many an old man trying to break our stuff (what is it with old men trying to break stuff?  You know, like Grampa Simpson stamping on all those rockets at the toy store?  Weird), not many people seemed interested in actually buying.

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Then, along came eBay!  Oh halleluyah eBay!

It took a few month to get going but once it did we were away.  Our aforementioned little van with my brother and I in it have zoomed along travelling as far north as Glasgow and as far south as Plymouth (or was it Torque?  It was a while ago, i can’t quite remember).  We don’t tend to drive the van now, we use delivery men mostly.  The poor van is quite old now and needs the rest.

We’ve sold to products to:- Urban Jungle Garden Designers, Plantstuff Limited, East Oswestry Community Centre, Whittards of Chelsea, Llab Designs, Earl Shilton Council, St. Georges Shopping Centre, Whittington Primary School, EC1 New Deal for Communities supplying schools in the east of London, Harrold Priory Middle School, Thai Marina – Eastbourne

There have been hiccups and mistakes and very long days/nights along the way but here we are, 10 years later, making beautifully built planting products for people like you.