The ‘Gibbs’ Wooden Garden Obelisk


The Gibbs Obelisk.

Why is this called a Gibbs? I’ve no idea. Maybe someone was listening to the Bee Gees when it was named. All I know is a customer wanted some obelisks to match some diamond shaped plant supports so the Gibbs Obelisk was born. Hey, maybe he was a Mr. Gibbs?

It’s about 1 meter 80 tall and 50cm square at the base.

It comes in any of the Farrow and Ball colours. White seem the preferred colour for this obelisk… maybe it’s because The Bee Gees used to wear those dapper white jump suits?

Once you’ve ordered your obelisk (or obelisks? Oh gowan, you know you want to) it’ll take me about 4 weeks to make it before a man in a van can bring it to you.

As I make these to order you can have them any size, colour or shape you like.  Send an email to or phone 01952 541170 and I’ll get my skates on.

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