The ‘Grand’ Wooden Garden Obelisk


This great big garden goliath is the ‘Grand’ Wooden Obelisk.

It is approximately 2 meters tall and about 65cm square at the base.

All dimensions are approximate because they’re all handmade and vary slightly. Think plus or minus an inch or so.

The obelisk shown in the main photo to your left is finished in Farrow and Ball ‘All White’ but your obelisk can come in any of the Farrow and Ball colours or left unfinished if you would prefer.

As for delivery, the obelisks are quite large so they come on a lorry driven by a man. The man is usually quite nice. It tends to take about 4 weeks for me to make the obelisk so the man and his lorry can bring you your obelisk. But it depends on how many other obelisks and stuff I have to make.

As I make these to order you can have them any size, shape or colour you like. Send an email to or phone 01952 541170 and I’ll put my thinking cap on.

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